About The Authors

About Ben and Michelle

Ben Rosenfeld is a quirky immigrant whose comedy is best described as “playfully dark, seriously smart.” He’s been seen on BuzzFeedVideo and is slightly “TikTok famous” with over 160K followers and 5M likes. Ben’s also appeared on FOX’s Laughs, Travel Channel’s Mysteries At The Museum, CBS This Morning, Nat Geo’s Brain Games, Netflix’s Brainchild, NPR’s Weekend Edition, SiriusXM Radio, The New York Post and been featured as TimeOut New York’s Joke of the Week. Ben has four comedy albums streaming on Apple Music & Spotify and his latest video special is available on Amazon Prime.

Michelle Slonim has been acting and performing comedy from childhood. As she once put it, “I’ve been playing a ‘whacky Jewish mother’ since I was 12.” Michelle has appeared in a sketch on Late Night with Seth Meyers, web shows for Comedy Central and HBO, SiriusXM Radio, The Wall Street Journal and New York Post.

Ben and Michelle differ in many ways. He hails from Russia, she from Manhattan. Michelle likes people, Ben prefers solitude. But they both enjoy lentil soup.

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